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Time Mastery Program: If I Could Save Time in a Bottle


"...but there never seems to be enough time

to do the things we want to do

once we find them..."  - Jim Croce

Time Mastery Program: "If I Could Save Time in a Bottle"

This isn't about "Pull out your BlackBerry™ or open your Outlook™ and I'll teach you how to schedule in your day".  This is about time and your relationship to time and what that means .  It's whether or not with every choice you respect time and recognize how quickly it's lost.  It's also how, when time is used wisely, you can create, experience, and live a full and productive life, and rarely if never utter the words "One day when I have time..." or "I wish I had time to do..."

Let's face it....if you're inefficient with use of your time now, it wouldn't matter if you had twice as much time in a day because you would use that inefficiently as well.  And it's not only about being's about using your time wisely and being effective with your choices.

In this program we'll look at:

.....among other things.


You can close this webpage right now and say "That's a good idea and I'll come back to it and look at it later when I have time" or you can take the first step to taking back control of your  Doing it later just means you've thrown away some valuable time you could have used to create a paradigm shift for your life.



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